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Summer is a time for getting away, away from the daily routine, away from work, away from home. Summer is a time when many people take vacations. The dictionary defines vacation as a “break from work.” There is another word that is sometimes associated with summer and that is journey. A journey is different from a vacation. A journey is to travel somewhere; on a vacation you may or may not take a journey.

We often speak of our faith as being a journey; it implies that we are not staying in one place, but moving, growing, experiencing God in new and different ways. As with any journey there are twists and turns along the way. Sometimes we come to a dead end and need to backtrack in order to move ahead. Sometimes we come to a fork in the road and need to prayerfully discern which fork God is calling us to take.

Whether it is our faith journey or a summer journey it is good to remember that Jesus is journeying with us. We are reminded that Jesus is there when things are calm, or when we are tossed about. He is with us when we are hungry for God’s grace and he journeys with us when we find ourselves in those deserted places.

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